North American Blokart Sailing Association

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Come join NABSA in Wildwood,NJ for some great Beach Sailing.
Wildwood Crest may also be open for our use during the event, I just received word that the beach reshaping project may be finished in time for our event.The North American Blokart Sailing Association has also applied to Wildwood Crest for a permit to "officially use their beach along with Wildwoods. We are still booking into the Adventurer Oceanfront Inn and setting up at that location at Cresse on the beach. See attached PDF

As some of you know  the event has to move its set up location this year. With that move the Wildwood Buggy Blast has separated into 2 separate events and they are becoming official Events on the City of Wildwood's calendar. I always had in the back of my mind previously we could have showed up and been asked to leave the beach because of not having a formal permit. Now that we are required to have a Certificate Of Insurance for the event that protect the city from lawsuits. The North American Blokart Sailing Association has such a master policy that will cover its members with the Insurance the City requires.If you are a Blokart owner I ask you to become a member of NABSA NABSA    and participate in this event.
If you bring a guest to try your blokart they will be covered by signing up as a temporary member for the event.
 Some of us are also changing our lodging location to the Adventure Beach Inn that is located right on the beach were we will be setting up. The new set up location between Cresse and Convention Hall is about 14 blocks north of the Shailmar.  See att Pdf for more information.

Please fill out a event registration form/release before the event and bring it with you.

Please pass this email along to any other interested blokart owners to keep them up to date.

If you have any questions please email me or give me a call.

Fran Gramkowski
Wildwood Blokart Beach Sail---NABSA.pdf Wildwood Blokart Beach Sail---NABSA.pdf
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Wildwood-NABSA  Sign In 4- 2013.pdfWildwood-NABSA Sign In 4- 2013.pdf
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